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How to turn on your Christmas Tree & Christmas lights by voice with Google Home!
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Make yourself a Google Home Christmas Tree! Instead of fumbling around behind the Christmas tree this year, why not turn your lights on and off with voice control and the Google Assistant, like this:
“OK Google, turn on the Christmas tree lights.” or
“Hey Google, turn on the Christmas lights” – if you have other lights elsewhere too!

Congratulations, you now have smart fairy lights!

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You don’t need specific Christmas lights that work with Google Home, so don’t waste your time searching for “Google Home Christmas tree lights” or “Google Home Christmas lights”. All you need is a WiFi smart plug, and then any old fairy lights will instantly become smart Christmas lights and your tree will become a smart Christmas Tree!

Voilà! Google Assistant Christmas Lights!

— What’s the best smart plug for Christmas lights? —
You don’t need a specific Google Home smart plug, just one that works with Google. There are lots of WiFi smart plugs on the market, but to make your smart fairy lights and Wifi Christmas lights we’d recommend the TP Link plugs which work with the Kasa app, which also supports other smart home devices such as light bulbs:
Best Smart Wifi plug:
Best Smart Wifi Light Bulb:

Also check out this LED Smart Light panel system!
(Watch our review here: 👀)

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