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How to pair 2 Google Home Mini or Nest Mini devices together for stereo sound for your music.
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🗣 Test your Left/Right stereo setup: https://www.patreon.com/posts/31508196

You can now pair two Google Home Mini or Nest Mini devices to create a stereo pair and fill the entire room of your smart home with sound and music… in stereo!

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This has been available for a long time on the much more expensive Google Home Max, and it’s now finally come to the minis. So it’s a little bit like a group except they’re both in the same room and one Mini will act as the Left speaker and the other will act as the Right.

** Google Home Mini Stereo Setup: **

It’s easy to set up – open up the Google Home app and first make sure both your Minis are assigned to the same Room in your house. Once that’s done, tap on the first speaker, then the settings cog, and scroll down to Speaker Pair. You’ll then be walked through the process of choosing which two speakers to pair together, and it’ll ask you to let it know which is which, ie. LEFT and RIGHT.

Once that’s done, you’ll no longer see the individual speakers as devices to cast music to, instead you’ll just see the pair as if it were one speaker inside the Google Home app and when casting from apps like Spotify and Google Play music. If you want to adjust the stereo pan between right and left, that option will now appear under your EQ settings for bass and treble. You can test the stereo setup if you like with a Left and Right Stereo Sound Test file which I’ve created and I’m giving away free to Patrons over on Patreon at https://www.patreon.com/posts/left-right-sound-31508196

So if you’re a supporter on Patreon, you can download that audio file for free and I hope you find it useful!

Non-music sounds, so things like broadcasts and responses from the Google Assistant, only come out of the left speaker – which is a bit disappointing as it’s somewhat jarring to have music fill the entire room, but then those sounds come just from one side. But hey, first world problems!

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