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Netgear Orbi Firmware v2.3.1.44 adds NETGEAR Armor + other new features & bug fixes.
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Firmware version landed on my Netgear Orbi here in the UK last night, bringing with it a decent number of bugfixes and new features, probably the most notable of which is the NETGEAR Armor security system – powered by Bitdefender – to make your home Internet and all devices connected to it much more secure.

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## Release Notes ##
Current Version: V2.2.1.210
New Version: V2.3.1.44

Release Notes:
[Bug Fix] Fixes issues with the Apple HomeKit connectivity.
[Bug Fix] Fixes the wireless crash and reboot issue when the router is under stress.
[Bug Fix] Fixes the WiFi disconnection and IOT issue.
[Bug Fix] Fixes the guest isolation issue for multicast and broadcast traffic between the main host and guest.
[Bug Fix] Fixes the Ethernet backhaul boot-sequence issue.
[Bug Fix] Updates the OpenVPN certificate from MD5 to SHA-256.
[New Feature] Adds NETGEAR Armor support for SKUs with the RBR50 router. This includes the RBK50, RBK53, RBK50V, and RBK52W.
[New Feature] Adds customer firmware pull.
[New Feature] Expands the IP reservation function from 64 clients to 253 devices.
[New Feature] Adds weak admin password checking.
[Bug Fix] Fixes some issues.
[Bug Fix] Fixes JP/AU/CA region can’t firmware update issue.
[Bug Fix] Fixes Armor activation failed due to device offline issue.

Big thanks as always to Netgear for permission to use clips from their channel! You can see the official channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/NETGEARChannel

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  • Actually it breaks an otherwise good router. Google.com requires a logon, Amazon fire no longer connects, Alexa will not stay connected, Samsung and LG smart tvs operate like they are on dial up. Oh and there is an option to turn off Armor, but you cannot uninstall it. So read the posts on how many people are having issue with it… This upgrade should be backed out immediately, and re issued with the Option to NOT install Armor.

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