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The Nest Hello has some great features but also a game-changing shortcoming…
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The Nest Hello smart doorbell looks great! A well-connected doorbell that makes use of your home network and can use Google Home devices on the same WiFi network as its chime, meaning the range isn’t restricted to receivers close enough to the doorbell itself – ideal for larger houses or when you want a receiver at the bottom of your garden (if you have WiFi down there, of course…). It also features a Nest Camera of course, meaning you can view a live video feed on your smartphone, tablet or Google Home Hub and speak to the caller at your door.

Unfortunately though, there’s no such official product as a “Nest Hello Power Supply”, which means it’s hard to install Nest Hello without existing doorbell – unless you can be sure that the power supply or transformer you’re buying meets the requirements exactly.

So if you don’t have a wired doorbell (like I don’t), then you need to install Nest Hello without chime. That’s OK, because I have 3 Google Home devices around my house, but I’d still need a Nest Hello transformer and cables long enough to stretch from my front door to the nearest power socket inside my porch.

If you search Google for something like “install nest hello without existing doorbell” or “nest hello transformer uk” then you’ll find discussion and some unofficial transformers, but it would be really great if Nest could sell a version with a mains adapter included in the box.

Secondly, as I have 3x mains-powered Nest Protect smoke & carbon monoxide alarms, it would be great if those could ring as well as the Google Home Mini!

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