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Learn some obvious things to look out to spot fake news and misinformation.

1) Look for things like spelling mistakes, poor grammar and punctuation. Also look for strange phrasing which might cause alarm bells to ring, as well as incorrect website addresses which might be trying to impersonate a well-known news source.

2) Check the sources and look for backup of any “facts” or quotes. Type exact phrases into Google to see if others are reporting the same thing being said.

3) Check the photos being used – you can usually right-click an image to copy its URL, then paste this into Google Image Search to see where else it’s used on the Internet. You might find it’s actually a photo of something completely different!

So, before you hit that share button on a piece of news – make sure that you’re not inadvertently helping to spread lies and deceit. If you have good reason to think it’s fake, call it out for what it is and let others know in the comments what led you to that conclusion.


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